FA Cup to implement fourth substitute in extra time for quarterfinals, beyond

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

The FA Cup is heating up as eight teams remain in this season’s competition, but the historic tournament will be introducing a new twist that could change global football moving forward.

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Starting in the quarterfinals, the FA Cup will allow teams to make a fourth substitution during extra-time in the event that a match exceeds its 90-minute regulation.

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This testing is set to help aid world football law-making body IFAB in its study of using a fourth substitute, and the FA Cup’s upcoming usage could potentially make the idea a reality around the globe if all goes according to plan.

Additionally, the 2016/17 edition of the FA Cup will feature a sudden-death format for the quarterfinal round and beyond.

Previously, quarterfinal matches could be played over two matches with the availability of replays if the first match ended level. The FA Cup hasn’t featured a replay in the semifinal or final rounds since 1999/2000 when the format was changed.

This season’s competition resumes next weekend as Lincoln City and Millwall join the six remaining Premier League clubs.