Convicted of murder then released, Brazilian goalkeeper joins new club

AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File

What would you do if your favorite club signed a player convicted of killing a lover and feeding her to dogs?

That’s the situation staring down supporters of Boa Esporte in Brazil’s second division after the club signed Bruno Fernandes.

The 32-year-old was a goalkeeper for Flamengo when he was accused of ordering the murder of Eliza Samudio, who claimed he fathered a child with her out of wedlock and wanted child support.

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Bruno’s teenage cousin confessed to the killing, and Bruno told the court that Samudio was fed to dogs. Bruno, who is married, was later sentenced to 22 years in prison, but was released on a legal technicality (The Guardian says a court ruled that his appeal wasn’t heard fast enough).

Now Bruno has signed a two-year deal with Boa Esporte. From the BBC:

“I want to help Boa Esporte to get to the first division,” Bruno said after joining his new club.

“I thought several times that I wouldn’t make it. But I can’t throw in the towel, my wife wouldn’t accept it. I have to believe in me.”

Major club sponsors have pulled their support from the team, but Boa Esporte is holding firm so far amidst significant backlash that is sure to grow.