Mourinho after WBA draw: Finishing absent, quality abundant

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To say the odds are ever stacked against a team as rich and deep as Manchester United is pretty wild. Relatively speaking, that was the case on Saturday against West Brom.

Missing Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Juan Mata in the attack and several players in other parts of the pitch, United could not find a goal despite dominating the Baggies.

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The scoreless draw is a setback to United’s Top Four ambitions, but there’s little doubt the Red Devils were superior on Saturday.

United boss Jose Mourinho didn’t begrudge his old friend Tony Pulis the tactics of clogging the midfield and giving little care to attacking, but he also wouldn’t want anyone to say this draw was a fair result.

From the BBC:

“When the team crosses the line once in 90 minutes and when the team is in the opposition half trying and trying and trying, you ask if we were equal?

“One team had the ball, one team didn’t. One team tried to win, the other tried to draw. One keeper did a funny thing, the other made three great saves.

“We have a lot of draws this season. Teams come here just to defend. Goalkeepers come here to be man of the match. We cannot score a goal even when we are one-on-one. We beat everyone on quality of play and direction of the game, possession, creation and ambition but we drew too many matches.”

He’s right, of course, but there’s nothing really snippy about it. There’s an Occam’s razor in his words, often the simpler answer is the right one. United was better, yet absent its finishing quality and denied by a good keeper.