VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic says “I feel like Benjamin Button”


At age 35, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is defying all Premier League logic.

The towering striker scored his 17th goal of the league season in Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Sunderland on Sunday, leaving him fourth in the league’s scoring table behind only Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, and Alexis Sanchez.

With not only the goal but an assist as well, Zlatan is clearly the focal point of the Manchester United attack, proving time and time again his worth to the squad is immeasurable.

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So how is he able to do all this despite his advanced age? When asked about that after the Sunderland win, Zlatan says he works hard, and decided to compare himself to a Hollywood construct.

“I train hard. I keep focusing, I believe in what I do, I believe in myself, and I know what I’m able to do,” Zlatan said while accepting his Man of the Match award. “I’m not worried, I just play my game, I try to enjoy, and it seems like the older I get the more intelligent I get. Of course, I get more of the same as I did ten years ago, five years ago, even 15 years ago. But the older, more experienced, more intelligent [I get], you don’t waste so much energy on things you don’t really need.”

“[My] game is improving. I feel like Benjamin Button, I was born old and I will die young.”

Potentially even more impressive than his goalscoring talent is his ability to bounce back. In the second half, he crashed into Sunderland goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in a nasty collision, but managed to pick himself back up despite clear pain. In typical Zlatan fashion, he acknowledged Pickford’s legal challenge of a 50/50 ball with a sporting high-five for the Black Cats youngster once he picked himself up off the turf.

Zlatan never ceases to impress, and he never ceases to amaze. Brad Pitt would be proud.