Dyche wishes managers would stop publicly recruiting Burnley players

(Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Sean Dyche wishes Ronald Koeman and other managers would keep his players’ names out of their mouths, but knows this sort of quasi-recruitment is the name of the game.

Michael Keane has been a very good defender since leaving Manchester United for Burnley, earning caps with the England national team.

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So it’s no surprise that Dyche would like to keep him around Turf Moor, nor that Everton is among a host of clubs who would love to lure the 24-year-old to Goodison Park.

But where should the recruitment stop? Dyche does not like that managers would openly speak of the spoken for.

“I’ve had it with many players and it’s a balance in the sense it’s a compliment in the sense that people think there must be life at Burnley so they think let’s go and have a look and when they do look they think there are some really good players there and then there is that edge of worry that eventually when someone comes in, who are way more powerful than us financially and start pushing the boundaries,” Dyche said.

In some cases, managers are just responding to the media’s questions, but in others there’s a bit of “tapping up” involved in the comments. A player of Keane’s age, skill set, and nationality is always going to be in demand, and a smaller club like Burnley sure would prefer every advantage in keeping them.

Keane has also been linked with an Old Trafford return, too, and he’ll be in demand should he have any desire to leave Burnley.