Barcelona’s Neymar to stand trial in fraud case

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Neymar has been told he must stand trial in Spain as the long-standing allegations of fraud and corruption surrounding his transfer from Santos to Barcelona moving to the next stage.

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The transfer in 2013 has been under the microscope for many years with Neymar, his parents, Barcelona and Santos accused of lying about the true transfer fee paid.

Last summer the case was archived but Spanish prosecutors overturned that ruling, plus appeals which have tried to stop Neymar from appearing in court have been rejected as he’s now been ordered to stand trial.

If found guilty, reports state that Neymar could face up to a two-year jail term and also a $11 million fine.

Barca stated initially that they had paid $62.5 million for the 25-year-old captain of Brazil, with a huge $43.7 million of that sum going directly to a company founded by Neymar’s parents.

However, Spanish authorities state that the real transfer fee is $90.7 million and all of these allegations began after Brazilian company DIS stated that they didn’t get their cut out of the deal as they owned 40 percent of Neymar’s rights.

Neymar’s parents, Nadine and Neymar Santos Senior will stand trial in court, plus current Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and former president Sandro Rosell will also appear in the trial.

Even if Neymar is found guilty of fraud and corruption, he is unlikely to go to jail as any prison sentence under two years in Spain is suspended.

His teammate Lionel Messi was convicted of fraud last year, along with his father, and both were handed a 21-month prison sentence as the Argentine star was found guilty of tax fraud by the Spanish authorities. However, Messi’s jail sentence was suspended.