Messi lookalike has car impounded after mob scene

Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

A Lionel Messi lookalike has found his appearance can bring a bit of trouble.

Reza Parastesh is an Iranian man who looks almost exactly like Messi, especially considering he’s adopted the hairstyle and beard of the Barcelona star.

That’s led to several opportunities for Parastesh, who often finds himself in demand for selfies and promotional ideas.

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This weekend it also found him at the police station thanks to crowd “chaos” caused by bystanders seeking to meet him. He was charged for “disrupting traffic.”

And if that’s not enough, this story following Argentina’s defeat of Iran in the 2014 World Cup is pretty wild:

“After the game, my dad called me and said don’t come back home tonight… why did you score a goal against Iran? I said: But that wasn’t me!” Parastesh said, laughing.

Yet another note to explain why superstars get paid what they do… imagine how hard it is for Messi to leave his house.