Pochettino after title hopes fade: “Difficult to take off this feeling”

Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Credit Mauricio Pochettino for his honesty in a difficult time.

The Premier League’s latest Manager of the Month has admitted there’s been a let-down around the training ground after the club’s disappointing 1-0 loss to West Ham essentially assured that Tottenham won’t catch Chelsea in the race for the Premier League title.

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Few would pretend that everything is fine after such a disappointment, but Pochettino has been especially candid in not proffering bogus “We’ll fight to the death” bravado.

From the BBC:

“We have three games to play, we still feel disappointed from last week and it is difficult to take off this feeling. We missed a good opportunity to put pressure on Chelsea and to fight nearly to the end. Now it is in their hands to win the Premier League and it is so difficult for us to win. Before the game we thought anything was possible, but afterwards it was a big disappointment and it was difficult to lift everyone.”

Pochettino admitted that the last home match at White Hart Lane assures that Spurs will be laser-focused for the game, so it’s not like he’s setting the table with excuses.

Yet it’s refreshing to hear a confident manager admit to the challenge when so many would head to a spin zone of “We’re still Top Four, and we’ll keep going.”