Scorer, then scored on: Terry on wild minute, possible retirement

Getty Images

One minute, he’s tearing up after scoring in one of his final matches at Stamford Bridge.

The next, he’s playing what was pretty much a primary assist to Watford’s Etienne Capoue.

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Thanks to the wild nature of Chelsea’s win, fans will probably remember his goal more than the ones he couldn’t stop.

That’s good. Here’s Terry on the minute in question (Watch here), from the BBC:

“It was a crazy minute. I got on the scoresheet and a minute later made a mistake and let him [Etienne Capoue] in. Mixed emotions.

“I’m delighted to get on the scoresheet. But any young kid watching, if in doubt get it out. That’s what i should have done.”

Terry also admitted that he has not ruled out Sunday being his last match. He doesn’t like being on the bench, and probably has his legacy in mind. It’s not quite “better to burn out than to fade away”, but this may truly be the end for Terry.