London teams have dominated Premier League since 2014

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The North-South divide in English soccer often creates plenty of debate, and over the past three seasons we have certainly seen a shift in power from North to South in the Premier League.

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After all three North East teams were relegated in the Premier League this season, there’s been talk of Northern teams setting up training grounds closer to London to attract better players and their families. That may seem extreme, but in terms of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham versus Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool, there has been a shift in power back to England’s capital in recent seasons.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors which go in to “dominating” a season with European trophies, domestic titles and other measurable factors coming in to play, but from a pure standpoint of where each team finished in the Premier League it is easy to spot a shift. And the stats below suggest that the London region is getting it right above everyone else when it comes to the top clubs in the PL.

Taking a look at the “power three” from each region, ProSoccerTalk has calculated the average position of each team over the past three seasons and the average league position each team has over those three seasons.

With this season not yet over, let’s assume that the table remains the same between now and the full time whistle on Sunday and that Arsenal finish in fifth place, Manchester City finish fourth and Liverpool finish third.

Average league position of London “power three” since 2014

Arsenal = 3
Chelsea = 4 (Titles in 2014-15 and 2016-17)
Tottenham Hotspur = 3.33

Average finish for region = 3.44

Average league position of Northern “power three” since 2014

Manchester City = 3.33
Manchester United = 5
Liverpool = 5.66

Average finish for region = 4.66

If you compare the results above with the previous three seasons for the clubs in questions, it’s clear to see the huge shift in power in the upper echelon of the PL.

Just look at the three seasons prior to 2014 (2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14) and how the Northern powers dominated by over a place higher on average each season.

Average league position of London “power three” from 2011-2014

Arsenal = 3.66
Chelsea – 4
Tottenham Hotspur = 5

Average finish for region = 4.22

Average league position of Northern “power three” from 2011-2014

Manchester City = 1.33
Manchester United = 3.33
Liverpool = 5.66

Average finish for region = 3.44

Whether or not this power shift will last for long remains to be seen but with Man United, Man City and Liverpool all hiring big-name managers over the past two seasons, it is easy to see how they plan to wrestle the power back in the Premier League.

For now the London clubs remain on top with Chelsea and Tottenham finishing in the top two and seeming to have bright futures with talented managers and relatively young squads.

However, with Spurs moving to Wembley next season while their new stadium is completed, Chelsea having European action to contend with once again and Arsenal in a state of flux over Arsene Wenger‘s future, the Northern powerhouses will feel like the next three seasons may well contain an opportunity to get on top once more.