Schalke jerseys to have payment chip as part of sponsor deal

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GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany (AP) Schalke’s new jersey will have an integrated chip that will allow the wearer to pay for services as part of the club’s new sponsorship agreement with an online supermarket.

The Bundesliga club says it will bear the logo of AllyouneedFresh on its shirt sleeves and that the logo contains a payment chip “so that all fans can pay with their jerseys” in its stadium.

Fans will be able to use it to purchase sausages and beer, for example. The deal is to run for four years from next season.

Players will not have the payment chip in their jerseys for games, however.

Schalke communications head Anja Kleine-Wilde tells The Associated Press “they rarely go to kiosks at halftime to quickly get a curry-sausage or a beer.”

Kicker magazine reports the deal is worth around 20 million euros ($22.million) altogether to Schalke.

Schalke marketing chief Alexander Jobst says the club is “proud to be able to present a world-first in the jersey with integrated payment chip.”