De Gea swap? Report links Manchester United interest in Varane, Morata


Could Real Madrid and Manchester United be involved in a swap deal for David De Gea?

Pardon the Groundhog Day feel, but there’s more talk about United using Real’s De Gea interest to its advantage.

The Red Devils reportedly rejected a $77 million bid for their star goalkeeper earlier this week, and the two clubs failed to get a De Gea for Keylor Navas plus money swap over the line at the August 2015 transfer deadline.

Sky Sports says United has interest in two Real players, with the Spanish club preparing for Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final against Juventus.

One of those is almost certain to move this summer, as striker Alvaro Morata just cannot get enough playing time at the Bernabeu (though his fate may be sealed for Italy).

Another is baffling.

Yes, of course Jose Mourinho is interested in 24-year-old French center back Raphael Varane. We’re not doubting that part of the report. But why would Real sell an outstanding young center back, even if they believe De Gea is the answer at goalkeeper?

Even with the truth that Real can spend almost as much as it wants on a replacement, terrific and tested young center backs remain at a premium. Varane could have three UCL crowns stacked on his head after the weekend. Buy it?