Former Chelsea man Oscar sparks brawl in Chinese league

Getty Images

Former Chelsea attacking midfielder Oscar, who now plays for Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League, sparked a brawl in hilarious fashion on Sunday.

In first-half stoppage time in Shanghai’s match against Guangzhou – who is managed by longtime Serbia manager Dragan Stojkovic – Oscar put all his might into a pair of kicks, smashing both against the bodies of opponents, one in each direction.

Guangzhou player Chen Zhizhao didn’t take too kindly to Oscar’s actions during the course of play, and with play stopped after the ball was launched out of play, Zhizhao shoved Oscar to the ground. This sparked a massive brawl with plenty of pushing and shoving.

In the end, each side saw a player sent off, while Zhizhao got away with just a caution. Guangzhou received the brunt of the discipline, picking up three yellow cards and the straight red during the scuffle, while Shanghai only saw the one player red carded and nobody else cautioned.

The match ended in the 1-1 draw, with nobody scoring in the second half.