Lukaku: “Who could say no” to United?

Getty Images

Romelu Lukaku has confirmed he will join Manchester United.

In an interview with ESPN, Lukaku says he just couldn’t turn down the 13-time Premier League champions.

“Who would say no to the biggest club in the world?” Lukaku asked. “Best stadium in England. The best fans. This is the perfect opportunity. I always said I wanted to play for a team that’s challenging for every trophy that there is.

“I think Manchester United, at the minute, wants to be the dominant team, that dominant force. If you look at their history, it says enough. To become part of a club like them is something that I really wanted. I’m thankful for the opportunity that they gave me.”

Lukaku agreed to the switch, which will cost his new club a whopping $97 million transfer fee. His now-former club Everton has been spending furiously all summer, suggesting they were confident of securing such a large source of income.

There were reports of a late Chelsea offer, attempting to woo him back to his former club one last time, but he turned them down. “My mind was already set,” Lukaku said. “I gave my word, and I don’t look back … I was already mentally preparing to be part of the team.”

The Belgian also talked about his friendship with Manchester United teammate Paul Pogba, saying that they live down the street from each other in Manchester and that they have been friends for “seven or eight years.” Lukaku confirmed that Pogba helped woo him to the Red Devils.

Lukaku has joined Manchester United’s pre-season training in California and will begin officially training with the club on Monday. “Now it’s time to work hard, work harder than I ever did before,” Lukaku said. “I’m willing to do it. Hopefully, it will come a good way.”