Jose Mourinho hopes for 15 more years at Man United

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Jose Mourinho hears your talk of the ‘three season syndrome’ surrounding him and laughs.

He wants 15.

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After his debut season at Manchester United yielded two major trophies and qualification to the UEFA Champions League, Mourinho is ready for plenty more as his team continue their preseason preparations in Los Angeles.

Speaking to ESPN in LA, Mourinho revealed that he plans to try and emulate Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

“I am ready for this. I am ready for the next 15, I would say. Here? Yes, why not?” Mourinho said. “I have to admit that it is very difficult because of the pressure around our jobs, everybody putting pressure on managers and things that people say – that we have to win – but in reality only one can win and every year it is getting more difficult.

“This club, for so many years, was Sir Alex (Ferguson). People got used to it; people understood the great consequences of that stability. After David [Moyes] and Mr. [Louis] Van Gaal, I come to my second year and hopefully I can stay and give that stability that the club wants. I will try, but again, I will have to try to deserve that, but that’s what I try every day that I work.”

We all know Mourinho’s history when it comes to how long he spends at a club.

Less than three seasons at FC Porto. Just over three seasons at Chelsea. Two seasons at Inter Milan. Four seasons at Real Madrid. Another two and a half seasons at Chelsea.

The man likes to move and there are many reasons for that, both involving himself and others, but it now seems like Mourinho is ready for the next step in his career.

Comments like this suggest he is not only happy at Man United but he believes he can succeed. Given the money he has already been given to spend over the past 12 months, you can understand why he would want to stay at United. That said, his statements about pressure on managers has left a little buffer for him, as Jose always seems to give himself a little reason for perhaps not winning as many trophies as he wants to.

So, United fans, another 15 more years of Jose sound good to you?