Tinder to become new Manchester United sponsor?

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Charles Sale of the Daily Mail reports Tinder are in talks with Manchester United about sponsoring their shirt sleeve.


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You may have noticed ahead of the 2017-18 Premier League campaign plenty of teams are revealing sleeve sponsors for the first-time ever, with space now available for a sponsor on their left shirt sleeve and the Premier League badge remaining on the right sleeve.

Some clubs have decided to stick with the same sponsor they have on the front of their shirt for their sleeve sponsor, while others have branched out with Manchester City bringing in an extra $13.2 million a season with Nexen Tire to feature on their sleeves.

Nine of the 20 PL teams now have a sleeve sponsor for the upcoming season and United are reportedly in discussions with Tinder about a $15.8 million per season deal.

United’s main shirt sponsor is Chevrolet and they pay around $66 million for the privilege, and per the report PL clubs believe the shirt sleeve sponsorship is worth about 20 percent of what a sponsor would pay to have their name and logo on front of the jersey.

Get ready for the advertising boards at Old Trafford asking fans in the stands, and at home, to swipe right to award the man of the match award to Paul Pogba or left for Romelu Lukaku