La Liga “reject” payment of $262 million fee for Neymar

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Even though Neymar’s world-record transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain seems like a formality, a spanner has been placed in the works.

La Liga confirmed on Thursday that Neymar’s release fee of $262 million to buy him out of his contract was rejected as the Spanish league believe PSG have broken UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules.

In La Liga a player himself pays the fee to the league to release him from his contract, then the league pay the selling club the amount and the player is allowed to move on.

Via a statement to the BBC, La Liga confirmed the meeting with Neymar’s representatives.

“We can confirm that the lawyers of the player have come to La Liga to deposit the clause and that it has been rejected.”

Although the deal is still expected to go through and PSG expect no serious delays, this could provide a small holdup with Neymar expected to be presented in Paris on Friday.

Some experts of Spanish law are claiming that the matter could go to court, but Barca are likely to ask La Liga to accept the payment so they can buy players to replace Neymar before the transfer window shuts.

According to reports Barcelona are also ready to complain to UEFA and ask them to launch an investigation into how PSG can afford to smash the world-record transfer fee without breaking FFP rules.