La Liga president launches into tirade on PSG and Neymar

Getty Images

Having exhausted legal options, La Liga’s president Javier Tebas is going public with his frustrations over Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Speaking at the SoccerEx conference in Manchester on Wednesday, Tebas made disparaging comments about PSG and Neymar in relation to the club potentially breaching Financial Fair Play rules.

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“PSG are laughing at the system,’ Tebas said through a translator. “A Spanish journalist defined it, and I hope I am not being rude, as like they were peeing in the bed or the swimming pool. Well Neymar has gone on to the diving board and peed into the pool — it can’t be tolerated.”

It’s a shame that Tebas has to stoop to that level to express his feelings over the transfer, which shifts attention and sponsorship dollars from Spain to France. At the end of the day, PSG paid the agreed release clause for Neymar, and Barcelona had to let him leave.

If Tebas wants to be mad at anyone, he should direct his anger at Barcelona for not making the release clause higher, or he should lobby to rescind the rule that forces all players to have a release clause.