Juventus, Monaco executives express support of PL transfer deadline move

Getty Images

In the wake of the Premier League’s decision to end the 2018 summer transfer window before the season begins, others are taking notice across the rest of Europe.

Both Juventus CEO Guiseppe “Beppe” Marotta and Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev spoke in favor of the move, with Marotta even stating that he’d like the rest of Europe to come around to the idea.

“The Premier League’s decision to end the transfer window early is wise,” Marotta said. “Now we have to extend the discussion to a European level.”

One of the issues with the Premier League unilaterally making this move is that teams from other leagues can still buy players off of Premier League clubs until their transfer windows close. If other leagues though take the Premier League’s lead, they could move the transfer deadlines all in line.

“Our English colleagues have made a very good decision today for closing the transfer window before at the start of next season. I am much for that idea,” Vasilyev said.