Mourinho pins blame on Hughes after handshake snub

Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Here’s a post-game storyline you probably never though you’d hear: Jose Mourinho and the opposing manager — Stoke City’s Mark Hughes, a man with a length history of handshake-related strife of his own — didn’t shake hands following Saturday’s 2-2 draw at the bet365 Stadium, and the Manchester United manager appears terribly offended to have been asked about the incident.

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Here’s what Mourinho had to say, which as you’ll note, doesn’t go any deeper than “It’s not my fault,” which, to be fair, nothing has ever been Mourinho’s fault:

“I want to be polite with you, and I prefer to not answer the question because your question is really a bad question. It’s really a bad question because it [makes it look] like it’s my fault, my problem. Your question is not correct, sorry.”

Should “hands not shaken” henceforth be tracked as an official stat, one might forecast that Mourinho would lead the league and/or world in such a category, given his history of salutational controversy. You know what they say, Jose: if you are the common denominator, you might also be the problem.

Here’s what Hughes had to say — quotes from the BBC:

“I’m not sure why he didn’t want to shake my hand, I didn’t think there were any issues.

“There was a time he came into my technical box and I told him to get out but that was it. Maybe that was what upset him.”