Report: Redknapp gave Birmingham players extra snarky goodbye

Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Harry Redknapp‘s rarely been mistaken for a reserved or humble manager, and the Birmingham City made sure to fire off a parting shot in his locker room before being fired on Saturday.

The Blues had just finished another drop zone performance under Redknapp, who brought in 14 new players this summer, losing 3-1 at home to Preston North End.

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Knowing it was probably the end of the line — and also noting that The Sun often deals in the salacious — the idea that Redknapp issued the following Don Rickles-like line in the dressing room is too good to pass up:

“I won’t be here next week. It’s been a pleasure to work with half of you.”

I mean, who wouldn’t want to employ a man capable of such awesome team-first, me-second vibes?

Redknapp’s comments in the media address the unlikelihood that he’ll find a new managerial gig moving forward, even proffering to help a younger manager. He also blamed injuries for the club’s predicament.

It’s hard not to find your inner snark monster when discussing Redknapp, and we have to wonder how many young managers really want ‘Arry waiting in the wings, well-positioned to slide into the hot seat helping out.