Italy FA unveils new national team crest

Getty Images

For the first time in a decade, the Italian Football Federation has updated its national crest.

At a ceremony Monday evening, the FIGC unveiled its newest crest, which features a modern take on the classic Italian National Team crest.

The new crest has a few changes from the crest that was displayed from 2007-2017; The four gold stars representing the four World Cup titles are moved above the main logo featuring the famous three red, white and green of the Italian flag. The circular shape in the center of the crest has slightly shrunk and is colored gold, as is the word Italia at the top of the crest. There’s also a gold outline around the crest.

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“Our new visual FIGC identity completed a path of reinvigoration that started three years ago,” FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio said in a statement. “We are looking to the future while also highlighting our history. In the new logo we have made the four stars of our World Cup wins more visible, as they represent the pride of our entire country.”