Ronaldo makes unusually emotional post at Players’ Tribune

AP Photo/Michael Probst

Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest to snap his typing fingers along a keyboard for The Players’ Tribune, and he gives us an unusually emotional look at his life.

One of the greatest players of all-time, Ronaldo is known for his relentless work ethic and methodical prowess on the pitch. He’s a consummate entertainer, very cognizant of his image.

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So even though it could make sense for Ronaldo, in terms of his brand, to unveil an emotional side to himself, it’s hard to find falsehood in his post about the meaning of family in his life and career.

Ronaldo talks about what it’s meant for him to have his son Cristiano Jr. around, but we’ll save that for your reading eyes at TPT (after all, the whole post leads up to that).

But there’s an anecdote that sticks out to us, and truly humanizes the larger than life CR7. It seems Ronaldo only joined an organized soccer team because it would make his father proud. And he had a hard time getting his mom and sisters to come to games.

It’s especially amusing knowing how involved his mother has become in his work, but — to steal a line from Ronaldo — this part makes us feel warm inside.

I felt so good in that moment. It meant a lot to me. It was like something switched inside of me. I was really proud. At that time, we didn’t have much money. Life was a struggle back then in Madeira. I was playing in whatever old boots my brother passed down to me or my cousins gave me. But when you’re a kid, you don’t care about money. You care about a certain feeling. And on that day, this feeling, it was very strong. I felt protected and loved. In Portuguese, we say menino querido da família.

It’s a good read, and a fairly rare if calculated look inside the man.