VIDEO: Christian Pulisic on becoming the face of US Soccer

Getty Images

We all know Christian Pulisic is the rising star of U.S. Soccer.

But do we really know that much about Pulisic, the person?

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The 19-year-old Borussia Dortmund and U.S. national team star was featured in CBS’ latest edition of 60 minutes as they detailed his meteoric rise from a kid growing up in Hershey, Pennsylvania to having the hopes of an entire nation on his shoulders.

He was asked if he thinks people are expecting him to follow in the footsteps of Lionel Messi. The shy playmaker smiled and then gave the following answer.

“Yeah. I think that’s what American fans do, American soccer fans especially. They are looking for the next star, the next player to just be the face of U.S. Soccer and all of this stuff that I hear every day.”

Click play on the video below to find out a little more about the teenage sensation most of us simply call “The Kid” as he continues to rip it up for club and country.