Usmanov releases statement over Arsenal shares

Getty Images

Alisher Usmanov is not contemplating selling his shares in Arsenal to current majority shareholder Stan Kroenke.

Quite the opposite is true.

Usmanov owns 30.04 percent of Arsenal with Kroenke owning 67.5 percent and reports have suggested that Kroenke had offered close to $700 million for Usmanov’s shares.

If that bid was accepted then Kroenke could make Arsenal a private company but Usmanov has said he is not holding talks at all and is still eager to buy Kroenke’s shares in the club.

Russian billionaire Usmanov has long held different views to Kronke about how to bring back the glory days at Arsenal but he has no say on any club matters due to Kroenke being the majority shareholder.

Below is the statement released on Wednesday by Usmanov.