RFEF says La Liga will adopt video reviews starting in 2018/19

Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images

Video replay has already been used in the Bundesliga and Serie A, as well as Major League Soccer, and another major league is about to adopt the use of the technology too.

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The Royal Spanish Football Federation announced on Thursday that La Liga will begin the use of video replay and utilize a VAR (video assistant referee) beginning in 2018/19.

Juan Luis Larrea — president of RFEF — believes the addition is necessary, given the changes that have occurred with technology over recent years.

“For next season. That is our intention,” Larrea told Cadena SER, adding that over 70 tests would first take place. “Technology is now coming into football and you have to accept it.”

Spain is one of the few countries among Europe’s elite that don’t currently use goal-line technology, which the Premier League also employs.