YouTube star’s brand could become Botafogo’s primary shirt sponsor

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

We’re always hearing about firsts in sports, and this one out of Brazil could set the bar for future sponsorship deals.

First-division side Botafogo has signed an agreement with YouTube sensation, Felipe Neto, and the Brazilian’s food brand — Neto’s — to be featured on the front of the club’s kit on Monday.

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Botafogo’s sponsorship agreement is the first of its kind in the sports world.

The deal between the two sides could be extended beyond Monday’s match against Palmeiras, but that will depend on a variety of factors.

Botafogo released the following statement regarding the sponsorship announcement:

“Botafogo announces the one-off sponsorship of Neto’s food brand ‘Neto’s’ on the uniform of our professional team for Monday’s game against Palmeiras, the 37th round of the Brazilian league.

“Led by YouTuber Felipe Neto, the brand will be printed on the team’s jersey.

“Felipe is a known Botafoguense fan… He has never used Botafogo to promote himself, on the contrary.

“This is a commercial partnership that will start in the game against Palmeiras but we are sure that it will continue for longer.”

Neto currently has 16 million followers subscribed to his personal YouTube channel, while Botafogo has 1.1 million and 251,000, respectively, on its Twitter and Instagram accounts.

According to Neto’s personal Twitter account (which has amassed 7.3 million followers), the 29-year-old internet celebrity has helped Botafogo gain nearly 40,000 YouTube subscribers in a span of two days.