Newcastle captain helps marine vet in inspiring tale

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Jamaal Lascelles has earned Newcastle United’s captaincy for a reason, and his example setting clearly extends off the field.

The 24-year-old has been tipped for an England look thanks to his displays at Newcastle this season, but an ankle injury has kept him away from the pitch since Nov. 4.

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Out for dinner with his girlfriend on a cold night, Lascelles came upon a marine veteran who was having trouble with his wheelchair. After unsuccessfully trying to help the man repair his a broken wheel, Lascelles volunteered to drive the veteran home. But the marine was in too much pain from a recent surgery and it was too painful to lift him into Lascelles’ vehicle.

So Lascelles invited the marine and his partner inside for drinks, and called him a taxi that can handle wheelchair-bound people. He paid for the taxi, promised him some tickets, and now the pair are talking via Facebook.

From The Newcastle Chronicle:

“…He was the nicest guy ever. I think he was about 27, he lost his legs when he was 24. It just makes you think about how fortunate we are as footballers, we don’t have anything to moan about, at all.

“He was an ex-marine. I think he was out in Afghanistan, I think he stepped on a mine I think. He lost his legs, but his upper body is so strong because he’s always wheeling. It was only 10-15 minutes out of my time.”

What’s most inspiring is that Lascelles could’ve counted himself content at several parts in the story, from trying to help his new marine friend into his wheelchair, to not being able to get the vet into his car, to just buying the man some drinks.

But he kept going, and wasn’t sated. We can all learn from that.

The full interview is in Match of the Day Magazine, and this is their web site.