Wenger calls on refs to address time wasting

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was happy Olivier Giroud earned his men a point off the bench, but that’s about it.

Wenger lamented his side’s opening stages, which saw Charlie Austin put Southampton ahead inside of five minutes.

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And after saying his club “paid a heavy price for a slow start,” Wenger turned his attention to Southampton’s tactics. From the BBC:

“Time wasting is a problem in England and referees have not found the solution yet.

“The answer is the authority of the referees and to put it in the head of the players to respect the game and play. It’s become a real problem in the last two seasons.

Certainly time wasting isn’t the prime reason Arsenal didn’t take all three points at St. Mary’s, but Wenger is one of several big names bosses angered by the lack of time policing in the sport. It’s a talking point, but perhaps better suited for later in the week.