January gets crazy for Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City

Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City are Premier League sides within two rounds of lifting silverware, but how much will their midweek wins benefit Top Four competitors?

The Blues and Gunners will face each other three times in January, and those three matches are by far the trickiest for either.

As for Man City, they’ll now have to manage a visit from Bristol City four days before a trip to Liverpool, where the Reds will be thirsty to avenge a 5-0 smackdown earlier this season.

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Spurs start a treacherous stretch on Jan. 31, when they host Manchester United before visiting Tottenham and hosting a North London Derby. But their schedule does provide plenty of chances to make up ground should Arsenal, Chelsea, or Man City falter due to congestion.

Jan. 3 – vs. Chelsea (PL)
Jan. 7 – at Nottingham Forest (FA Cup)
Jan. 9 – at Chelsea (League Cup)
Jan. 14 – at Bournemouth (PL)
Jan. 20 – vs. Crystal Palace (PL)
Jan. 23 – vs. Chelsea (League Cup)
Jan. 27 – FA Cup*
Jan. 30 – at Swansea City (PL)

Jan. 3 – at Arsenal (PL)
Jan. 6 – at Norwich City (FA Cup)
Jan. 9 – vs. Arsenal (League Cup)
Jan. 13 – vs. Leicester City (PL)
Jan. 20 – at Brighton and Hove Albion (PL)
Jan. 23 – vs. Arsenal (League Cup)
Jan. 27 – FA Cup*
Jan. 31 – vs. Bournemouth (PL)

Manchester City
Jan. 2 – vs. Watford (PL)
Jan. 6 –  vs. Burnley (FA Cup)
Jan. 10 – vs. Bristol City (League Cup)
Jan. 14 – at Liverpool (PL)
Jan. 20 – vs. Newcastle United (PL)
Jan. 24 – at Bristol City (League Cup)
Jan. 27 – FA Cup*
Jan. 31 – vs. West Bromwich Albion (PL)