Mourinho: Bristol upset “a beautiful day for football”

Nick Potts/PA via AP

Goal posts, flubbed chances, and disappointing goalkeeping conspired to knock Manchester United out of the League Cup at the hands of Bristol City.

Yes, the Robins played quite well and scored two good-looking goals — opinion alert — that Sergio Romero probably should’ve got a hand on, but Manchester United failed to complete a monster semifinal quartet with Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

The way the draw worked out, there could’ve been a Manchester Derby in the semis. Instead, United has two fewer matches to worry about in January.

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How is Jose Mourinho feeling about it? Not great, as he reportedly breezed through the media scrum, only talking to one reporter. Here’s what he said:

“They were a bit lucky but they fought a lot to be lucky. Everyone was waiting for our goal so they were lucky. We hit the post twice, but they played brilliantly, they fought like it was the game of their lives which probably it was. A beautiful day for football. A team from the lower division won. A big day for them.

“In the first half we lacked the intensity that they had. Physically and mentally. It was one more day in the office for my players, a day that some of them didn’t even want to come to the office.”

Not a terrific nod to his men, huh? United outshot Bristol 19-11 and very much should have found a deciding goal before the match hit stoppage time, and — again — Romero. This is not a blessing in disguise, but there’s a silver lining for United’s Top Four hopes with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City all meeting cluttered fixture lists in January.