Kompany on his home field advantage study: Lower prices

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Last week we wrote about Vincent Kompany’s MBA, which he earned writing a dissertation about home field advantage.

Naturally, we mentioned that we wished we could’ve read it, but what’s better than reading it? Kompany himself summing it up for us so we don’t have to actually digest the words.

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Now it’s not super scientific: Kompany spoke to 25 “elite” footballers about the atmosphere on game day and how they felt about loud, boisterous stadia. Turns out, they’re into them. From BBC News:

“The study concluded that you get better home advantage depending on the atmosphere that you can create within your facilities, and that is linked to the people who enter your stadiums.

“Those that live for the club, and are probably more attached to the club than anybody else. But those are probably not always the guys who can afford it,” he added.

To be honest, it sounds like a familiar criticism from a different sport. In the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most followed team in hockey, but most think their arena prices true fans from making it even remotely hostile for the opposition.

Now having a far superior team, like Manchester City, is almost always going to make more of a difference than the venue. But for clubs closer in style, would it raise the games of the home side? Maybe.