Report: Chelsea stadium renovation held up by local London family

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A local family in the neighborhood around Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge has put a wrench in the team’s stadium renovation plans.

The BBC has followed up reporting on the Architects Journal, which unearthed an injunction filed by the Crosthwaite family and another undisclosed family to stop new stadium construction. The families claim that the new stadium structure will affect the amount of light their home gets.

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Despite the lawsuit, the local municipalities of Fulham and the London Borough of Hammersmith are looking to intervene with the families to allow the plans to move forward, using local planning laws to override the injunction.

“The club has been in discussions with the owners of 1-2 Stamford Cottages for some time to acquire their rights to light by agreement, but they have confirmed that it is highly unlikely that a private agreement will be reached,” wrote Chelsea in a report to the local councils. “Given the significant level of investment necessary, the club state that they will not be able to implement the development or secure any necessary development financing whilst there remains a risk that the existing injunctive proceedings might succeed.”

After looking for a new stadium site, Chelsea eventually settled on a similar plan to Tottenham, a complete redesign of their stadium at their current site. The new Stamford Bridge is expected to have a 60,000-seat capacity and will actually be built deeper into the ground to allow more seats to be built, instead of raising the height of the stadium.

But the delays mean that the wait for Chelsea to move into a bigger ground will have to continue.