Wenger: Sanchez’s been “vague… so I left him at home”


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger left Alexis Sanchez out of his 18 for Sunday’s trip to Bournemouth, and the manager said the following in his prematch interview (from Sky Sports):

“He’s been vague at the moment, his situation is not decided one way or the other so I left him at home,” he said.

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Wenger was asked if resolution on Sanchez’s future was coming soon.

“Yes, but don’t read too much into it because even I don’t know what way it will go. You want to focus on the players who are on the pitch who can do well for the club.”

If Wenger is tired of the questions and stories regarding Alexis Sanchez’s departure, I’ve got some news for him: They’d have to continue for about three more seasons to knock on the door of rumors concerning his future.

At this point, Sanchez’s future almost seems like a chess match between Arsenal’s willingness to stick to its guns versus its desire to get some money for the Chilean star. Could the message sent by sitting him for a while be worth more than $30 million? $40 million? $50 million?