VIDEO: Clattenburg stops game in Saudi Arabia for call to prayer

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It is unlikely former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg had come across this situation before.

Now refereeing in Saudi Arabia, where he is the Head of Refereeing, Clattenburg stopped a Saudi Kings Cup game on Wednesday between teams Al Feiha and Al Fateh due to the call to prayer.

The evening prayer occurred five minutes into extra time with the teams locked at 1-1 at the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Sport City Stadium. Some players left the pitch while others stretched and took a sip of water as they waited for play to resume.

Al Feiha scored in the 118th minute to win the game 2-1, in case you were wondering.

The response to Clattenburg’s decision has been hugely positive from fans in Saudi Arabia who praised his decision to show respect for the call to prayer by delaying the game.

Below is the video of the moment the prayer from a nearby mosque was heard and Clattenburg blew his whistle to halt the game.