Conte frustrated with Chelsea players: “We need to fight this season”


Antonio Conte at Chelsea the year after a Premier League title is occasionally sounding a lot like Jose Mourinho at Chelsea the year after his most recent Premier League title.

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No, fourth place Chelsea isn’t in the dire straits it was in when Mourinho was canned by Roman Abramovich in December 2015.

But Conte’s club has whiffed on a chance to join Manchester United on 53 points with a 3-0 home loss against Bournemouth on Wednesday, and the boss is questioning why his players didn’t appear inspired to perform at home. From the BBC:

“[We struggled] for many reasons, but it’s not important to speak about excuses, they deserve to win and we need to restart to work and to do our best. We have to accept it’s a bad result and understand that we have to fight this season, if someone didn’t understand this they don’t understand football. Football is not simple.”

And Conte was not soothed by the idea that Olivier Giroud‘s arrival could make things better.

“In the past with a striker we have chances and still don’t score. I think now is not the right moment to speak of the transfer market for me. It’s not important, it’s important to work and do best with my players.”