Lukaku suggests Premier League All-Star Game, so we pick XIs

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WARNING: This was done in about an hour, on a whim (Thanks, Rom). It’s up for wild debate, so please hit the comments section and go from there.

All Star games are mostly terrible. There’s little defense, less chemistry, and teams are basically hoping their best dudes don’t get hurt.

Plus, with the haves and the have-nots around, just watch a Top Six match and call it a day. In soccer, we just kinda accept international soccer as our best hope.

But Manchester United man Romelu Lukaku proposed the idea on Twitter, and PST’s Joe Prince-Wright quickly supplied the team parameters.

The London divide begs the question: Who would be on these teams, and who would win?

As it stands, the North looks to have an edge with the Top Three teams on the table and wild talent on Everton woefully underperforming at Goodison Park.

In terms of the table, Joe’s North has clubs 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 19, 20

The South has 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18.

Pretty even.

We’ll add a couple other parameters: Each club has to submit at least one player, and that players has to start. That would mean only one team would get two starters (and Man City would probably place five of the North’s six subs).

Also, the teams would be able to use all of their seven subs.

Team North (3-5-2)

De Gea (Man Utd)

Tarkowski (Burnley) — Hegazi (West Brom) — Lascelles (Newcastle)

Gana Gueye (Everton)– Mooy (Huddersfield)

Shaqiri (Stoke) — De Bruyne (Man City) — Mahrez (Leicester)

 Sergio Aguero (Man City) — Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Subs: Pope (GK, Burnley); Otamendi (Man City), Ndidi (Leicester), Sane (Man City), Sanchez (Man Utd), Lukaku (Man Utd), Firmino (Liverpool).


Team South (3-4-3)

Lloris (Spurs)

Duffy (Brighton) — Ake (Bournemouth) — Mawson (Swansea)

Kante (Chelsea) — Romeu (Saints)

Lanzini (West Ham) — Ozil (Arsenal)

Zaha (Palace) — Kane (Spurs) — Richarlison (Watford)

Subs: Courtois (GK, Chelsea), Hazard (Chelsea), Mustafi (Arsenal), Vertonghen (Spurs), Eriksen (Spurs), Dele (Spurs), Willian (Chelsea)


How about a couple of XIs with no limitations? (Sorry, Rom… formations!)

North (3-4-3)

De Gea (Man Utd)

Otamendi (Man City) — Van Dijk (Liverpool) — Kompany (Man City)

Matic (Man Utd)

 Pogba (Man Utd) — De Bruyne (Man City) — Silva (Man City)

Sanchez (Man Utd) — Aguero (Man City) — Salah (Liverpool)


South (3-5-2)

Lloris (Spurs)

Azpilicueta (Chelsea) — Vertonghen (Spurs) — Alderweireld (Spurs)

Kante (Chelsea) — Dembele (Spurs)

Dele (Spurs) — Ozil (Arsenal) — Hazard (Chelsea)

Kane (Spurs) — Morata (Chelsea)