Matic on his wonder winner, what Mourinho said at halftime


Nemanja Matic doesn’t score often, but when he does they seem to reverberate through the box score.

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Manchester United’s destroyer belted the crown jewel of the Red Devils 3-2 comeback win on Monday, waiting until stoppage time to give United its first lead.

He was asked where it ranks on his goals list.

“I think it was in the first 10, because I’ve scored only 10 in my life.”

The Serbian Steven Wright, everyone.

United was down 1-0 at the break, and went down 2-0 soon after the break. What did Mourinho tell them at the break?

“He said that we have to do more. He said he’s happy with how we fight, but it was not enough. We had to do more to win this game. We did in the second half after the second goal for Crystal Palace. We did exactly what he wanted from us.”

A pair of defensive errors put United behind the 8-ball, but there was no visible trepidation from the Red Devils away from home.

They’ll need to clean up their act before Sunday’s match at Liverpool, but the vibes will be just fine after a nice comeback win.