Pep Guardiola fined for wearing yellow ribbon

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Pep Guardiola has been fined by the English Football Association after he accepted his charge for wearing a political message.

Manchester City’s manager was fined $27,750 by the FA after he continued to wear a yellow ribbon on his jacket to support the Catalan Independence movement. The FA say he it was a “breach of kit and advertising regulations.”

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Guardiola, a Catalan native, has been showing his support for politicians who are either in exile or have been imprisoned for their involvement in the independence vote which was deemed illegal by the Spanish government.

Speaking about this subject after City’s League Cup win against Arsenal on Feb. 25 at Wembley, Guardiola was in defiant mood and said he will continue to wear the ribbon.

“They [the FA] know I will wear it always. I can wear it somewhere else. UEFA have another opinion. They say you can wear it as long as it’s with respect. Here [in England] it’s different apparently,” Guardiola said. “I have empathy for the people who have no freedom, those guys in Spain who are in jail. They haven’t been proven guilty. Anyone can be in that situation.”

“Before being a football manager I am a human being and this is for humanity. You did Brexit. You allowed Scotland to have a referendum about if (they) want to stay or not. And, after, the people vote. There are four guys in prison and other guys, they don’t have weapons, just votes in the ballot. I said this is always with me and it always will be until the last. I will accept whatever they [the FA] decide about my behavior. It’s not a lack of respect, it’s being part of humanity.”

The FA’s stance is a strong one and some have criticized them for hypocrisy after they were fined by FIFA for wearing Poppies on their shirt for international games. That ruling has since been overturned by FIFA but the FA haven’t helped themselves out when it comes to this situation.

Earlier this week their Chief Executive Martin Glenn apologized as when discussing Guardiola’s situation he drew comparisons with the Star of David, a Swastika and Robert Mugabe.