Hamburg fires manager, could be reprieve for USMNT’s Wood

Daniel Reinhardt/dpa via AP

There’s new life for American striker Bobby Wood as Hamburg looks to pull off a miracle run to Bundesliga safety.

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The club fired coach Bernd Hollerbach on Monday after the club was pummeled 6-0 at Bayern Munich this weekend to leave them eight points back of the relegation playoff spot and safety (Wolfsburg and Mainz both have 25 points).

U-21 coach Christian Titz is taking over the gig.

Hamburg hasn’t won since Nov. 26, their 18 points one more than bottom-dwelling Koln. The club has a brutal schedule ahead, and the focus will be on late April six-pointers against Wolfsburg and Freiburg,

Wood has just two goals for the club, and has not been in the 18 the past two matches after serving as a sub for the two previous losses.