Manchester United: Ranting Mourinho is back with 12-min run

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Off-kilter Jose Mourinho is, in some ways, the best Jose Mourinho.

A tactical wizard following last weekend’s well-engineered derby win over Liverpool, Mourinho was back under the microscope after his men couldn’t find much life in being dispatched from the UEFA Champions League by Sevilla.

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Mourinho entered his Friday press conference ahead of an FA Cup match with Brighton and Hove Albion, and went to town, reportedly saying, unprompted, “I am alive. I am here.”

The BBC described one comment from Mourinho as 12.5 minutes of uninterrupted talk.

“I am not going to run away or disappear or to cry because I heard a few boos, I’m not going to disappear from the tunnel, running immediately, the next match I will be the first to go out, I am not afraid of my responsibilities.” said Mourinho.

“When I was 20 I was nobody in football, I was somebody’s son, with a lot of pride, and now with 55 I am what I am, I did what I did because of work and because of talent and my mentality. So they can be together, I understand that for many, many, many years was really, really hard for the people who doesn’t like me; ‘here he is again, here he wins again’.

“For 10 months I win nothing, the last title that I won was 10 months ago, I beat Liverpool, Chelsea, I lose against Sevilla and now is their moment to be happy. I learn that in my religious formation, be happy with others happiness, so be it, I am a really happy guy.

Clearly the Manchester United and Liverpool managers are trying to out-bonkers each other this week.