Wenger on quiet(er) stadium in Arsenal win

AP Photo/Tim Ireland

Arsene Wenger‘s far too wise to take the bait attached to a “Why was your home stadium so quiet?” post match question.

Arsenal beat Stoke City 3-0 on Sunday, breaking through after a tepid hour at the Emirates Stadium.

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Asked why supporters weren’t buoying his men, Wenger issued a matter-of-fact reply:

“It’s the price we have to pay for not challenging for the championship. To play football is a fantastic chance in life. To play for Arsenal is an even bigger chance.”

Aaron Ramsey was considered by many as the Man of the Match, and he said his Gunners weren’t bothered by the atmosphere and empty seats.

“The crowd was behind us,” he said. “They were frustrated in the first half but they stuck with us, We don’t let it affect us.”

The real test of where the Arsenal faithful stand will come Thursday, when CSKA Moscow visits for the first leg of the UEFA Europa League quarterfinals. It’s Arsenal’s only route back to the Champions League.

Two-goal hero Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wasn’t worried about the club after a starring role for the Gunners.

The Arsenal striker has had a rough week, dealing with the death of his beloved grandmother by honoring her with a fine performance and a new hairdo.

“It is my grandmother’s name. She passed away last week so this is my dedication to her.”