Miguel Herrera claims Toronto police hit Club America players

Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Well this is something.

Fiery former Mexican national team manager Miguel Herrera is in charge of Liga MX super team Club America these days, and not much has changed with his personality.

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In the run-up to America’s CONCACAF Champions League semifinal first leg at BMO Field in Toronto, Herrera made waves when he dismissed MLS teams as not a concern for Mexican teams; Their peers are European clubs, he said.

Toronto FC got the next laugh, riding Sebastian Giovinco and Marky Delgado to a 3-1 win at BMO.

Perhaps Herrera should’ve considered MLS teams as his competition, then maybe he’d at least have thought of some decent excuses for Club America’s performance.

Instead, Herrera provided some alarming comments (and some hilarious claims) in his post-match press conference.

Herrera claimed that referees made his club change from black underwear before the game, said TFC scored on its only three chances of the game, and that a halftime scrum between the teams in the BMO tunnel had police officers hitting his players.

Yes, really.

TSN’s Gareth Wheeler says he has seen video of the incident in question, which began with Jonathan Osorio and ended with a Club American goalkeeper getting in the face of a police officer. He said Herrera was in the vicinity the whole time.

Toronto FC, at least in terms of Osorio, disagrees.

The manager could benefit from casting blame onto the police, as getting into an incident with a police officer in a foreign country is not a good idea whether you’re an athlete or other.

Know your meme: Piojo gonna Piojo. Thanks to Athletic writer Joshua Kloke for the rundown. It was wildly entertaining, Joshua.