WATCH: Ronaldo converts Isco pass 3 minutes into UCL quarter at Juve

AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

Sometimes a player goes to his dominant foot because he lacks the confidence to go to his other peg.

Cristiano Ronaldo, though, does not lack any confidence, and his decision to toe-poke home the opener of Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League quarterfinal first leg was borne out of creativity.

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Isco makes a fine move to send a ball into the mixer, and Ronaldo jabs his right foot at the ball to end any thoughts of a save for Gianluigi Buffon.

That gave Real an away goal after just three of a minimum 180 minutes against its Final rivals. Not bad.

It’s a big spot, and he’s among the biggest players of all-time. Why would we expect any less from the Portuguese megastar?