Could a Neymar return to Barcelona be in the cards?

Dave Winter/Icon Sport

It sounds crazy in theory, but when you really dig down and think about it players return to their former clubs all the time.

Chalk it up to sentimental values, simply being familiar with a club or in some cases knowing that you’ll be a part of a winning team. Whichever the case may be though, an interesting turn of events has taken place in the “What’s next for Neymar?” game.

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We’re less than 12 months removed from the Brazilian’s sensational switch to Ligue 1, one that not only caused a worldwide media frenzy, but also generated the richest transfer evaluation in global soccer history.

In Neymar’s time with Paris Saint-Germain, the 26-year-old has dazzled at the Parc des Princes, racking up 28 goals in all competitions. That number would be significantly higher too, had an injury not derailed the Brazilian’s season.

However, PSG’s inability to compete in big games was again on display in the UEFA Champions League, as the Parisians crashed out of the competition behind a beatdown by champions Real Madrid in the Round of 16.

That’s where this Twitter post (below) comes in handy.

In translation, Neymar says: “When me and my friend #LeoMessi get together great things happen! I’ll be telling you more very soon, stay tuned!”

It’s not exactly an expression of certainty that Neymar will be coming back to Barcelona this summer, or at all for that matter, but let’s think about this logically.

Commercials could be in the works. A charity match of some sort could be in the process of being organization. Or maybe, just maybe, the Brazilian is reconsidering his current situation in the French capital.

Ligue 1 is far inferior to La Liga, and it’s really not close. As it stands, PSG holds a massive lead over Monaco at the top of the French first division, and that has to matter to Neymar.

The former Santos attacker has embraced playing in big matches his entire career, whether that be in his native country for both club and country, or at Barcelona in countless Clasicos and UCL matches.

The fact of the matter is that there have been very few “big” matches this season for PSG, and the ones that counted the most — against Real — were massive failures for the club.

Then, there’s the emotional value of Barcelona. It’s evident that Messi and many other Barca players are still close with Neymar. That includes the recently-signed Philippe Coutinho — who just so happens to a close friend and plays for the Brazil national team.

Things didn’t end well last August between Neymar and Barca, and perhaps a lot of that had to do with the money that PSG was willing to offer the player, but there’s no doubt that this star shone his brightest while in Spain.

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Again, this is a slightly crazy proposition, but if LeBron James could go back to Cleveland, why can’t Neymar go back to Barcelona?