FC Cincinnati receives stadium approval if granted MLS bid

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The path to Major League Soccer looks to have gotten a whole lot clearer for FC Cincinnati on Monday.

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The Cincinnati budget and finance committee voted to pass a stadium plan for the current USL side by a margin of four to three, in the event that FC Cincy is granted a place in MLS.

Meanwhile, the City Council voted five to four in favor of the plan.

The vote results in a $34.8 million infrastructure package that will go towards the development of a future stadium for FC Cincy, who is currently aiming to become the 26th franchise granted entry into the top flight of American soccer.

The stadium would be in Cincinnati’s West End, and would be a $200 million project, all of which is privately funded.

Last week, the club agreed to a land-swap deal with the Cincinnati Public Schools in order to secure the land necessary for their stadium project.