How Buvac’s departure from Liverpool affects club, Klopp

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The exact reasons why are unknown at the moment, but Liverpool assistant and Jurgen Klopp‘s trusted lieutenent Zeljko Buvac has left the team.

Per multiple reports, Liverpool has confirmed Buvac’s departure but the club has stated he’s still an employee and has just left for a short time for “personal reasons.”

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The timing though couldn’t be worse.

Liverpool is ramping up for a massive end of the season, with the second leg of its UEFA Champions League semifinal tie with Roma on Wednesday and then a trip to Chelsea on tap on Sunday. The club is without three-starting caliber midfielders in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Emre Can and Adam Lallana as well, as the long season is taking its toll on the squad.

According to German soccer expert and the recent author of a Klopp biography, Buvac and Klopp have had explosive arguments in the past that have led to long-term disagreements. But they’ve always managed to patch things up.

In a time when Liverpool still needs to secure its Champions League place for next season as well as progress to the final, it is crucial for Klopp to have someone who can bring other ideas to the table, who has a different perspective.

The lack of a different perspective at Arsenal has seen the club slowly descend down the table, and while it would be hard to see Liverpool collapsing against Roma and in the final three Premier League games of the season, Klopp needs someone who isn’t afraid to say no to his ideas in the backroom, where game tactics are thought out and prepared.

For now, as Honigstein says, we’ll wait and see.