Kane talks social media, calls FA tweet “silly”

Getty Images

It’s safe to say Harry Kane isn’t exactly a fan of social media after the last few weeks.

England faced a mini uproar when the official Twitter account of the English FA mocked Kane a few weeks ago by joking that he was, as the saying goes, in Chris Smalling‘s pocket. Everyone but Kane has had their say, until today when he finally discussed it.

“I talked to the gaffer about it and all he was saying was, ‘Would other countries do that to their own players?’ Probably not,” said Kane. “The FA tweet was a silly tweet, we all know that. It is something that has gone, it was two weeks ago or whatever it was, I am over it. The gaffer said I was sad, I am focused. I am a guy who gets on with things.”

Kane has expressed his general displeasure towards social media, saying he’s tired of the same old jokes about England’s recent underwhelming performances.

“It is strange, I think it is a mentality thing,” Kane said after the 2-0 win over Watford on Monday. “It is easier these days to maybe banter England players or take the mick out of England players, if we don’t do well in the World Cup it’s, ‘Oh we told you so’. It’s maybe a weaker mentality, but it is what it is, as a team we are focused on what we need to do. We have got to go with a mindset and a belief that we can win, we try and win everything we do and the World Cup is no different. On social media you can get a few people that don’t see eye-to-eye but that is part of fans and opinions.”

The 24-year-old isn’t the only England star receiving criticism of late. Somehow, Raheem Sterling has also spoken about the criticism he’s received, as has Dele Alli.

“Everyone is passionate about their clubs and rightly so,” Kan said, “but as a nation when it comes to the World Cup that is the most important thing is the nation, that’s what comes first.”