N. American World Cup bid hopes economics outweigh politics

Credit:US Youth Soccer

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) The U.S. Soccer Federation president believes the economics of North America’s bid to host the 2026 World Cup will outweigh politics in next month’s vote.

Carlos Cordeiro said at a campaign event in Denmark Thursday, “we’re going to get strong support across Europe regardless of the geopolitics.”

The United States-Canada-Mexico bid could struggle for votes from Russia and its allies in the June 13 vote of FIFA members in Moscow.

Rival Morocco is counting on France and Spain for support, due to shared historical ties, and hopes U.S. President Donald Trump’s public comments will weigh heavily on African and Central American voters.

However, Cordeiro says Trump was not a negative factor when the Federation president met 12 South-east Asian voters in Indonesia Wednesday.

A North American tournament promises higher income for FIFA, and Cordeiro says that’s “a strong part of the bid.”