Arsene Wenger: “I have to move out of the country”

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It appears that Arsene Wenger will not be taking a new job in England. Ever.

Following a stunning sendoff in recent weeks as he stepped away from Arsenal after almost 22 years in the job, the legendary French manager has revealed he seems himself staying in the game.

Just not in England which seems to rule out a swift return to the Premier League.

Speaking to Arsenal’s website, Wenger confirmed he will likely manager overseas next.

“It will be very difficult for me [without Arsenal],” Wenger said. “At the moment if I want to continue to work, I think I have to move out of the country, because my gut feeling at the moment is that I would feel I would betray my club by staying in England. People might feel that I’ve betrayed what I’ve built here. That is the problem I face at the moment. My club is here, my heart is here and will be forever. As I said in my speech on the pitch after the Burnley game, I’m a fan above all.”

Where next for Wenger?

Some have suggested that he will be a natural fit for the French national team given the fact that he has worked closely with a number of the players and that Didier Deschamps’ reign may be coming to an end after the 2018 World Cup this summer unless Les Bleus impress and at least reach the World Cup final.

Apart from that, the only club job which could seem likely for Wenger to take charge of was Paris Saint-Germain in his native France but that gig went to Thomas Tuchel on Monday.

Could Wenger really be lined up for one of the top jobs, like Real Madrid, if Zinedine Zidane leaves this summer? It’s an intriguing question to think about and one which is very peculiar to come to terms with, such is Wenger’s affinity to Arsenal.

It almost feels wrong for him to have another job but Wenger is obviously hungry to keep working and he won’t be short of offers from across the globe.